The forgotten train

An old station. Empty, silent. Scraped and faded walls. Ghosts of passengers on the only platform, waiting for a train that is just a memory. Rails sorrounded by the grass. Here is what looks like this ruined station on the middle Italy’s mountains. Little ma not least important: it was the highest station on sea level in Italy after the Brennero station, as a stone plaque proudly declares on a column.

This railway line, now dismissed, connected Sulmona to some other important cities in Abruzzo e Molise.  In my memories of kid, it ran up to e from Naples, taking me and other children toward the so desired holidays on the mountain. Challenging some steep climbs, the train went across a lot of tunnels and at the end the little station with some people waiting on the platform appeared. We were on holiday.

Going toward the darkness

I’ve spent a couple of hours in this little station. It’s been like a journey through the Time, like a visit to the wreck of an ancient ship, lying on the ocean floor.

So I’ve decided to move along the rail and have some other shots taking me to another epoque: an old building near the station looking like a deposit, protected by an old-fashioned gate; an old and rust eaten sign, just a cross warning the walkers about the danger, actually no more real, of a running and proud train across the valley.

A fragment of italian history, that’s what are these little building in the nowhere. Forgetting them would be a shame. Fortunately, this line has some fans that are trying to avoid the definitive dismission and taking advantage of some touristic purpose, as happened in other places. I hope so much they could win their fight.

Thank you for your visit!


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