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A selfie in Rome


Two friends and the magic of the Eternal City. 

Sunday:everyone has his own friends



Declaration of Love at (or to?) Rome

Declation of Love at (or to?) Rome

“I love you from here…up to the end of the world…and again here…up to the Infinity”

Walking along the Tevere, my camera caught this long phrase on the wall and below running or biking people, probably unaware of the strong declaration of love above their heads. And it didn’t seem so weird to me…sometimes, love is easier to realize when you are far from it…

The roman carnival: old memories for child eyes

Last carnival I had my usual walk looking for interesting masks and disguises and, sure about where to find them, I went in Piazza Navona, usual place in some days for street shows and other pleasant occasions for meeting friends and people in general. I love these occasions because it’s pretty easy to get closer to subjects and take, without any great risks, effective candid shots and streets pictures. Actually, some people, especially street artists, when get aware of you while shooting, doesn’t get angry but smile and pose…of course every hope of taking a candid shot is lost but some portraits taken in that way are very nice. Anyway, most of the times they are so engaged in arranging the stage or with some other activity, so they basically don’t care about you at all.

It was a very profitable sunday, I went back home with a good lot of sound shots. I had my usual session of postproduction for the black and white version. I hope I didn’t diminished the poetry of those moments that can seem just funny but, for me and anyway in my opinion, are a tender bridge towards some far but not forgotten ages where we could watch a puppet show by child eyes and get excited or enchanted.

This is a selection of shots taken on that day, I hope you could enjoy.

A moving stage for a show performing around the square

Pulcinella doesn’t need any introduction

An old and notorious show: the Puppets!

meeting between different heights and smiles


Mask during a deserved break

the chasing mask

People from a bridge

Osservare le persone camminare, da soli o in coppia, lungo le rive di un fiume è talora come guardare in un’altra dimensione. Quasi come se la prossimità con il fiume, con il suo rumore induca un distacco dalla brulicante realtà che qualche metro più su si agita. A volte mi fermo a guardare l’incedere delle persone, ignare dell’altrui sguardo che si protrae su di loro. La sola postura, la posizione del corpo o il movimento sono gli unici codici che resistono alla distanza e alle minute dimensioni. I miei tre scatti raccontano un pomeriggio sul ponte.




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